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Boykin guides and outfitters offer a three day hunt for Bears. These hunts are in the fall between early August and December 30 depending on quotas and open areas. If necessary we can go longer than three days to catch your bear but it’s not anticipated.

Mountain lion hunts begin early September through the end of May and are six day hunts. If you are an Arizona Resident these can be broken up into a couple three days hunts to accommodate your work schedule. If necessary we may be able to extend your Hunt longer than six days as well but usually not necessary. Remember it is hunting not shopping.

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“I have always tempered my killing with respect for the game pursued. I see the animal not only as a target, but as a living creature with more freedom than I will ever have. I take that life if I can, with regret as well as joy, and with the sure knowledge that nature’s way of fang and claw and starvation are a far crueler fate than I bestow.”

– Fred Bear

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